A Big Announcement, Part Three

Thank you for following along with our Trilogy - Harlow, A Love Story. Read on for Part Three and our exciting announcement!

Part III: A Happy Ending

Much has changed since I began with Lyndale Cottage nineteen years ago. My three children have grown up now. My husband is thinking about retiring over the next few years. My daughter and right-hand-woman Lauren is pursuing other adventures, setting up her young life the way she sees it should be. All of these changes have led me to reflect on how and when to retire.

And so, with bittersweet gladness I announce…

…Harlow Crestwood is FOR SALE

Effective immediately, our family is looking for a buyer to purchase the store and take over the succession of Harlow Crestwood.

I wonder, loyal Harlow customer, if this is something you have been waiting for in your life? Perhaps you are like me and are looking for a change in your lifestyle – a change to being your own boss, shaping your own vision and creating connections with people. Perhaps you have an ambition, a 6th sense for trends, and fresh, new ideas for a brick and mortar store and its online counterpart.

When people talk about potential, it often has a negative undertone. Potential can mean that something is on the ground floor, undeveloped, requiring labour, a straight path and a measure of good luck before it can metamorphose into something successful. Harlow is different. Harlow is already a successful store, it has proven the tests of two decades AND, at the same time, it does have SO much potential. Are you the person to run it keeping true to its current successful formula? Or are you the person to heighten its potential - growing the online store and reaching out to exciting new demographics and corporate possibilities? Either way, I would love to hear from you.

Please email me at and let me know how this Love Story touches you. If you or someone you know is interested in this beautiful legacy, please spread the news of our exciting announcement. 

Wishing you all a Happy Spring!


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  • Sandy,

    It’s the end of an era! I have fond memories of all your stores and know you will find someone who cares for it as much as you did to take it on! Too bad I’m no longer in Edmonton, I’d be tempted!

    Alanna Poole

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