It's Business as Usual!

Our phone has been ringing off the hook in the most lovely way since the announcement of Harlow for sale. It has been so wonderful to connect with you all to hear how Harlow has touched your lives.

Today I wanted to let you know that though the store is for sale, the products aren’t ON SALE. For Harlow, selling the store is a behind-the-scenes thing. As far as visiting the store goes, it’s absolutely Business As Usual. We’ll have our usual sales and promotions but there won’t be any Clearance Sales or Liquidation Sales. This is mostly because we want the new owners to have a nice storeful of products for when they takeover the space, not an empty room!

In addition, our store is plumped with lovely things for Easter. We would love to see you visit the store, have a relaxing browse and enjoy the spring touches.

I wish you all a lovely long weekend,

easter hours

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